Dúvidas Frenquetes
How does it work?
How to buy?
Does Futrading cover EA 5% taxes
Delivery deadline
Opening hours
What payment methods does Futrading accept?
Would you like to buy a specific player?
Do you need to register to buy on futrading?
Payment not detected
Does Futrading offer a refund?
Coins withdraw
Why is it safe to buy?
Is there any ban risk?
How to withdraw an order?
Methods of buying cards and when they are purchased by us
Could not find the card
What is the safety limit?
How does the warranty program work?
My auction expired without buying
What's the security limit for a safe purchase?
Why is it need to spend right after my purchase?
How long does the whole process last itself?
How to withdraw faster?
Finished my order - did not receive the right amount