When you buy in FUTRADING you receive instructions telling you which player you should list for sale and the values you need to use. After you list the card, you confirm the list to us and we are able to transfer you the coins by purchasing your player for a very high price.

Choose your platform and amount. Pay using PayPal. You will be given instructions on which card you need to buy in Fifa´s market. You will list this card for sale using the values given by us. After your listing confirmation we are able to buy your card and transfer you the coins.

We never register a single case. But, never doubt what EA can do, we just care a lot and put the customer first. That is why we offer No-Ban insurance.

We trust our system so much that we take the risks. If you got any feature removed from your game, we will send you all the coins again in this FIFA or the next one of your choice. To apply you have to: 1 - use all your coins as soon as it is credited (you cannot let it sleep for more than 1 hour) 2 - Send us the email that EA sent for the punishment, it must have reached you in no more than 48 hours after your order has finished.

We accept all payments from PayPal, which is the most secure online payment system. We highly recommend creating a PayPal account if you haven't already. You will use it in another service.

99% of our operation is carried out in less than 1h

Check your e-mail! We may not have found your card. This happens when the values ​​or the card are different from those suggested. You should be able to redo the process after it expires (1 hour). Are you still having problems? contact support.

Check if there are any offers made on your card (not buy now, it's BID). If your card expired without purchase, you can always redo the process by accessing your order. Are you still having problems? contact support.

Yes, we offer full or partial refunds, as long as the coins have not yet been delivered. To request a refund, open a ticket on our support channel on Whatsapp.

It works like this: If there is any punishment sent to your account within 48 hours after the completion of your order, we will resend your order, at this fifa or the next one of your choice. We have no cases registered ban occurrence. However, we do not have full control since we are not the owners of FIFA servers. We want to offer the safest service possible! We researched how bans occur and noticed on online forums that punishments occur within 24 hours after the coins are transferred. Our warranty covers up to 48 hours to really prevent something from escaping. To activate your guarantee, you must have used the coins as soon as you receive them and maintain a balance below 20,000 coins. This procedure prevents tracking by the EA.

We have customer safety as the central pillar of our processes. The security arising from the financial transaction and from your Fifa account are essential for an efficient and lasting service. When purchasing with PayPal, not only here on our website, but anywhere else on the internet, you will be protected by the 'buyer protection program' This program gives you the right to request intermediation in the process in case something goes wrong with your order. If a website offers PayPal as a form of payment, there is nothing to fear. If you want to consult our social networks, evaluations or testimonials, they are all open for anyone to view. Join more than 100,000 fifa players who have already reinforced their teams with Futrading.

Our transactions are tested millions of times in the Ultimate Team market to ensure the security of the process. We do not tolerate any kind of ban and we build the entire system to protect our customers. We assume the risk of the operation by offering the anti-ban guarantee, which can be triggered if the customer suffers any punishment in a period not longer than 48 hours after the delivery of your order. Although we take all the precautions, we do not have 100% control over the transactions, since we are not the owners of the FIFA system. EA has the right to do whatever it wants in its system, just as they describe in their terms of service..

To withdraw an order, log in to your Futrading account, access 'my orders' in the upper right corner, find your order and click on 'see more'. Now interact with the platform, answering questions and following the guidelines. You will be asked to buy some players on the FIFA transfer market and then re-sell that player using specific values. Confirm the player's listing on your order and wait for your purchase. See the illustrative video: https://youtu.be/KazmqEhkqSc .

Your order may need more players to complete. When confirming the delivery of one stage you advance to the next one. Remember: we bought players with BID at auction because it is the SAFEST method, and it can be done even in the final seconds. Wait for the time to expire to credit your coins..

The website system will search for the most viable players to carry out the coin transfers and indicate to you. Always try to buy at the lowest possible value, the cheaper you pay for the indicated player, the more coins you will receive. Pay attention only to the rarity of the card and the overall. Position, contracts or fitness DOES NOT matter at this time.

Fifa's market is very dynamic and values ​​can fluctuate in a few minutes. Increase or decrease the values ​​until you find the suggested player. Our system makes compensation of values, but if at the end of the process there is still no coins to complete your order, contact an attendant..

Check that the card model (rarity and overall) correspond to the one indicated on the website. EA updates the price limits weekly. If you are unable to enter the amount suggested by us due to the price limit of that card, open a support ticket to request an update..

Hmm, ok ... This can happen in some cases. Access your order on the website again, repeat the process until your player is purchased. If it expires 3 or more times without anyone buying, we advise you to open a support ticket. Remember to re-list your player and confirm the listing within your order!.

We recommend that you do not buy quantities in excess of 2,000,000 (one million and five hundred thousand coins) per day. Our system issues an alert when you reach that amount.

Coins can be tracked by EA after a few hours after the transaction. If you have used the coins to buy players, EA will not find any traces and therefore will not be able to apply penalties..

It depends on the amount purchased and how much coins the customer already has available. Usually, the customer can already confirm the purchase of a player and proceed to the next one in less than 20 minutes or as soon as he identifies the card purchase. However, the customer may need the coins from the previous card to be able to buy the next indicated player. In such cases, orders can take 2 or 3 hours to complete safely..

Confirm the purchase of the player as soon as possible and proceed to the next step! You will be able to confirm the delivery as soon as the card is purchased by BID or BUY NOW. We will send you an email as soon as we complete the purchase..

If you have already completed all the steps of your order, the fifa market is very dynamic and players' values ​​can fluctuate quickly. If you bought the indicated player for a more expensive value than indicated on the site, it is possible that some coins will be missing at the end. Don't worry, 99% of orders will send a slightly larger amount than the one purchased. If it is a harmful amount, please contact us..